The clinic has been founded on 1981. It is part of the 2nd Pediatric Department of Athens University which is located in the Children's Hospital "P. & A. Kyriakou".
Address: Thivon and Levadeias, Goudi
Athens 115 27
Tel. 210 77 26 000

Clinic working hours: every Thursday 09:00-13:00 in the Children's Hospital "P. & A. Kyriakou", 2nd floor.
Direct telephone line: Thursday 210 77 26 448 (clinic)
Other working days: 210 77 26 348 (Professor P.Spyridis office)
Fax: 210 74 70 452.

Our clinic has treated 3800 children with tuberculosis, tuberculous infection or history of contact with a positive adult. Additionally, 8000 children have been referred to our clinic due to a non-negative Mantoux, 1000 children due to BCG complications and 80-100 children with non-tuberculous mycobacterial infection

We offer consultation to fellow pediatricians, nurses, doctors and parents, during working hours Monday-Friday, regarding any tuberculosis-related problem, BCG vaccination, etc.

  • An appointment is not required if you visit our clinic for the first time

  • Your next appointment date can be found on the white card we gave you after your first visit

  • It is advisable to bring along any documents that could be helpful, such as your child's health booklet, your insurance booklet, x-rays, blood test results, doctor reports etc.

  • If the clinic working hours are inconvenient (due to your work), contact us to arrange a convenient appointmen.

  • If you cannot find the prescribed drugs please contact us and we will supply them to you.

  • Read carefully the information brochure handed out to you at your first visit.

  • Contact us immediately if you have any problem concerning drug administration, e.g. vomiting, abdominal pain, rashes, child refusing to take the prescribed drugs etc.

  • If you are leaving Athens while your child is under treatment, contact us to make sure you have his/her medications and offer you advice concerning his/her treatment while away.

  • If you change your address while your child is under treatment or during the first 5 years following treatment, please inform us about your new address by phone.

  • Finally, when contacting us, it would be helpful to know your personal patient file number, written on the white card we supplied you at your first visit.

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